Jacob Benson

Jacob Benson

My name is Jacob Benson. My friends and colleagues call me Jake. I am passionate about making tools that are simple and easy to use. I believe in the philosophy of “simple is better”.I have been coding since I was a 15-year-old kid living in New York.

7+ Easy Fixes For VRchat Mic Not Working Issue

vrchat mic not working

Communication plays a vital in building relationships, both in physical and virtual behavior. Platforms like VRchat, Discord, and Teamspeak have greatly increased real-time interaction. Whether it’s a voice call, video conference on Zoom, or multiplayer gaming session on PS4. The…

5 Easy Fixes For Overwatch Mic Not Working Issue

overwatch mic not working

Overwatch is popular team-based multiplayer game that relies heavily on effective communication among players. Whether you’re coordinating strategies, providing crucial information, or simply socialising with fellow gamers. No matter how good the graphics and gameplay is, every such games can…

Phasmophobia Mic Not Working? Try These 7 easy Fixes

phasmophobia mic not working

In competitive gaming, every advantage matters. Most online gaming requires team playing means a proper working microphone is a necessity. A microphone allows you to engage in voice chat, making the gaming experience more immersive and social. However, encountering issues…

7 Easy Fixes For Sea of Thieves Mic Not Working Issue

sea of thieves mic not working

The necessity to engage in competitive gaming requires a functioning microphone. Gaming is not just about gameplay mechanics. It’s also about immersing in the virtual world and interacting with other players. A decent microphone allows you to facilitate clear and…

6 Easy Fixes For Teams Mic Not Working Issue {Resolved}

teams mic not working

Microsoft Teams is a leading communication platform. Enabling effortless communication and collaboration among teams. A clear and professional audio experience adds credibility and encourages active participation in which the teams application sometimes lag behing. Many people face the Teams Mic…

7 Ways to Fix Rust Mic Not Working Issue

rust mic not working

Rust is a popular survival game where players scavenge for resources. Build bases, and interact with other players in harsh post-apocalypse environments. As thrilling as the game sounds, it also demands effective communication among players to survive till the end.…

9 Easy Ways To Fix Airpod mic not working Issue

Airpod Mic Not Working

Among the innumerable earpod brands, Apple’s very own Airpods steal our hearts any day! With brilliant features coming up with each new version, Airpods are simply amazing.  They are undoubtedly highly reliable. But the Airpod mic not working issue is…

Discord Mic Not Working ? 5 Fixes to the Problem

Discord Mic Not Working

The gaming community has experienced remarkable growth and popularity in recent years. Half of its credit goes to Discord.  Discord has become a popular communication platform for gamers and professionals alike.  But such applications often encounter minor glitches that hamper…