How to Make Your Mic Louder | The Definitive Guide

A good quality microphone can either make you or destroy you. A good microphone is essential for a streamer and people who listen to podcasts. A high-quality microphone can make your video calls on zoom as well as recording more interesting. However, a bad-quality microphone can damage your video call and record just like a nightmare. 

Thankfully we have an in-depth guide on how to make your mic louder. So let’s get straight to it.

There are a few solutions that you can try yourself to fix your microphone and make it louder. Of course, it also depends on the type of phone or version of OS you are using. But let’s look at the reasons first and then decide.

How to Make Your Mic Louder

The reason why your mic is not louder could be due to a software or malware issue. Some improper settings might be defaulted or done accidentally can also create issues. If the issue of the microphone really exists in the hardware then there is no solution you can try but to replace the hardware. 

But if you still want to try a few things by yourself then try these fixes to make your mic louder.

Microphone’s Input setting

You can increase the input of your microphone to make your mic louder than before. This method is also very effective when your mic is able to receive your voice on one end but people are not able to hear it from another end. Here are the steps to increase the input of your microphone.

  • There is a Sound Bar option present on the right corner of the taskbar. Click on this option.
  • Click on the sound option and then click on the input drop-down menu. There would be a list of microphones present in this drop-down menu and click on your microphone.
  • Now there would come some input settings that you can change and adjust to increase the input of your microphone. Once you have chosen your desired settings, check if your microphone is loud enough or not by taking the Mic Test.

How to make your mic louder by tweaking Sensitivity?

It might be also possible that the sensitivity of your microphone is very low or turned off due to which it is sounding inappropriate or low voice. If that is the case then you need to adjust the sensitivity of your microphone and turn it higher to make your microphone louder.

change mic sensitivity setting

To do so follow the following steps:

  • Open the control panel and click on the sound option or section.
  • Click on the recording option that is present in the sound section.
  • A drop-down menu will appear with the list of microphones. Click on the microphone that you are currently using.
  • Now you can modify or adjust sensitivity options or levels.
  • Make sure you do not turn it up on higher levels because it is not safe and healthy for your ears. They are no better than low-sound microphones.

Other solution

Have you tried all the buff solutions and still your mic has static noise or it isn’t loud enough? If yes then there are a few other solutions that you can try before you take any professional help. Here are a few tricks that you can use.

  • Sometimes the reason can be small and simple yet difficult to identify that is not enabled to make your microphone louder. It is also possible that the particular app you are using has not given permission to use that microphone so the app does not recognize it. You can go to the settings of that particular app and permit or turn on the microphone option to do so.
  • It is very easy to miss an update but it can cause several problems on the phone. This includes the microphone problem which is not making your microphone louder. You can go to the settings and update the driver so that the microphone can become loud and clear.
  • At last, you can use and install an app for boosting the voice of the microphone. This works well if you want to attend a quick work meeting or play a team game on Xbox with your friend.


Q1. How can I make my mic louder than 100?

Ans: To make the mic louder, you can increase the number of top sliders. It is pretty easy to do so and enjoy.

Q2. Why is my mic volume so low?

Ans: Volume can be low as it might not be appropriately connected to the device.  You can try reconnecting and the issue will get fixed.

Q3. Does mic gain increase volume?

Ans: No, it increases toning. Please avoid it as much as you can.

Q4. What volume should my mic be at?

Ans: The volume should be ⅔ of the total volume. This will enable you to get a good sound experience.

In a nutshell

Microphones are an important part of setup whether it is an educational setup or a gaming platform setup. It is also essential for telecommunication and other fields. That’s why it is important to maintain the quality of the microphone and always keep it loud and clear.

Now there is no time for you to waste or be inconvenient when you have finally learned how you can boost your microphone and make it louder. Now you do not have to worry about volume issues as well as microphone issues. You can clearly communicate through your microphone during various meetings and gameplays.

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