How to test zoom microphone and speaker | Step-by-step guide

Zoom is the go-to app whenever you want to have a team meeting with your colleagues or a conference call with your clients. However, even the tiniest thing such as a malfunctioning microphone can cause disruptions to your million-dollar client deals.

Therefore, it is ideal to test Zoom microphone whenever you are thinking of a client call. You should be able to set up and resolve any sound issues using the technique described below before entering or while you are already in a Zoom Meeting. 

Also, as an added additional bonus, you look at the additional guidelines for changing the audio settings while a meeting is still in progress.

zoom mic not working

Audio testing before attending a meeting:

  • You can test your microphone and speakers before entering a meeting if you haven’t activated the option to join by computer audio automatically.
  • Please click “Test speaker and microphone” after joining a meeting.
test zoom microphone and speaker
  • You can also test your speakers during the meeting by opening a pop-up window. If the ringtone isn’t audible, switch speakers by selecting “No” or using the drop-down menu. For the microphone test to proceed, select “Yes“.
  • If audio playback is not audible, swap microphones using the drop-down option or by selecting “No” until you do. On hearing the playback, select “Yes“.
Zoom test pop up window
  • Simply select “Join with Computer Audio“.
  • The test meeting can be joined using the chosen microphone and speakers by clicking “Join with Computer Audio“.

Using audio settings to test zoom audio:

Before or during a meeting, go to your audio settings to test your audio.

Audio Testing Before the meeting:

  • Open the Zoom client and log in to your account.
  • Click Settings after clicking your profile image.
  • Toggle to the Audio tab to begin the testing.

This method is quite effective before you enter a meeting. However, if you are already in a meeting then you should refer to the section below for speaker and microphone testing.

Audio Testing During the meeting:

  • When you are already in a conference, you can access your audio settings and test your audio.
  • Select the Mute/Unmute option by clicking the arrow next to it in the meeting controls.
  • Optionally select Audio. Your audio options will open as a result.
  • To play a test tone you should select “Test Speaker”.
  • Adjust the volume or choose a different speaker from the menu if you are unable to hear it.
adjust zoom volume

Trying out your microphone:

  • When Zoom is picking up audio, you can tell by the movement of the green Input Level indicator in the Microphone area.
  • For a microphone test, click Test Mic. Alternatively, you can use Mic Tester to test your mic.
  • Your audio will begin to be recorded. After finishing, click Recording, and it will begin to playback. You can change the input level or choose a different microphone from the menu.
  • Check If you want Zoom to automatically change the input level, and alter the microphone settings.


If you’re running Windows 10 and can’t get to the microphone, utilize the Windows search bar to find the microphone’s privacy settings. Activate Zoom’s access by turning on the toggle that allows apps to use your microphone.

If you are using a MacBook and get to the microphone, then you should check the preferred settings of your laptop and grant permission to zoom to access your microphone. You will have to grant permission to your mic even if you are an iPhone user and sometimes it gets tricky to turn off the iPhone mic.


Q1. Can I test zoom by myself?

Ans: Before attending the meeting, you can use Zoom to test your video camera to make sure it is functioning properly.

Q2. How do I know if my microphone is on in zoom?

Ans: You can capture audio and play it back to test your mic and speakers. Sign in to Zoom using the desktop client or the mobile app, then select Phone by clicking or tapping.

Q3. Can I test my zoom audio without being in a meeting?

Ans: You can test your speakers during the meeting by opening a pop-up window. If the ringtone isn’t audible, switch speakers by selecting No or using the drop-down menu if it’s not audible.

Q4. Is there a way to practice using zoom?

Ans: Open the Zoom website and log in. Select Webinars from the navigation menu. Please select a webinar featuring a practice session. Click begin/start the practice session.

Q5. Why can’t others hear me on Zoom?

Ans: Make certain the microphone is not muted. In the meeting controls, if you see the muted Audio symbol, tap it to unmute yourself. If you are still muted, the meeting’s host might have done so when you arrived. Send the host a chat message inquiring about being unmuted.

The Bottom line

To test your Zoom microphone or speakers, use the solutions listed above. Test ahead of time or even during your Zoom session. Proceed with these techniques after making sure you didn’t mute yourself as well.

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