iPhone Microphone Not Working? 7 easy fixes to get started

Imagine paying a hefty amount for a handset, and the microphone starts glitching. iPhone serves advanced features to its users for easy communication and entertainment. But at the end of the day, it’s a gadget prone to errors and glitches. 

However, encountering issues with its microphones is beyond frustrating, as it supports the main features of the handset such as phone calls, voice recognition, facetime, music, etc.

If your iPhone Microphone is Not Working and you are unable to figure out what caused the problem, here is a brief guide to fix it. 

Why is my iPhone microphone not working?

The root cause of an inoperable microphone can range from software issues to physical damage. Here is a list of common reasons why you might encounter trouble with your iPhone microphone. 

Damaged Microphone

The microphone itself can be defective, to begin with. If you just bought your handset and figured your microphone is malfunctioning, reach out to your seller and explain your concern.

Physical Obstruction

A physical obstruction such as fine dust, lint, or debris can hinder the quality of your microphone causing it to malfunction. Make sure to clean the outer surface of the microphone, to eliminate the cause.

Software Glitches

Software glitches are the rare site for causing microphone disability, however, it contributes to the root causes. Bugs and errors within the iOS operating system can affect the functionality of the microphone.

To make sure it’s not a software glitch, update your software, and run a check for corrupted files in the system.  

Hardware Faults

In hindsight, the manufacturing of the device can also be responsible for the dysfunction of the microphone. The causes can include loose connections, faulty wiring, and other internal issues. 

Troubleshoot Guide to Fix Your iPhone Microphone

Before diving into the complexity of fixing the causes, ensure that the default in the audio quality isn’t caused by something as simple as protective cases, and dirt in the microphone loops. 

If the problem persists after attempting these steps. Follow the comprehensive guide to fix the microphone issue.

Get rid of any additional app

iphone microphone not working

If you are using any sound amplifier or enhancer app, it might be a potential cause for disrupting your audio quality.

These apps might contain malware and threats that can corrupt your audio files, and conversational flow through different audio mediums.

If you are facing issues after a recent download, uninstall such apps and reset your iOS settings.

Once you do that, test your mic via Mictester and listen to the recording to see if the issue still persists or not.

Check for Updates

Always ensure that your system is running on a recent iOS version. To check the settings, follow the steps.

  • Go to the app setting and tap the “general” tab.
  • Select software updates and look out for any recent updates. 
  • If any updates are available, click and install it.
  • After the completion, restart your device and check the audio quality.

Disable the Noise Cancellation Feature

One iOS feature that can hinder microphone functionality is noise cancellation. Sometimes, the simplest things can cause issues. Try disabling the feature to resolve the issue. If you are unable to find the feature on your phone. Here is how you can do it.

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone
  • Tap accessibility.
  • Stream down to the list and select Audio/Visual.
  • Once selected, toggle off the “phone noise cancellation.”
  • Reboot your phone, and check if it worked. 

Reset All Setting

Reset iPhone settings

If the above points didn’t help at all, it’s time to reset all settings. 

  • Go to the settings and select “general” from the options.
  • Stream down to the “reset” option.
  • Choose “reset all settings”.
  • After the reset is completed, switch off your phone for a few minutes

Head to the service center.

Your problem may be beyond the setting repairs, and it’s time to head to the Apple service center. A technician with expertise can figure out the accurate problem and may provide appropriate solutions.

So, if none of the above options worked, it’s advisable to seek professional help to curb any other potential damage. 

Is the process to fix the microphone in Android and IOS is same? 

The process for fixing the microphone in Android and iOS might have similarities however, the distinction depends on the operating system, and manufacturing of the device.

The basic check for Android is similar to iOS, including troubleshooting, enabling app permission, ensuring that the device is running on the latest version, and resetting network-related issues affecting the microphone. The final step is the factory reset. 

Since Android and iOS work on the standardized operating system across different models, it may be hard to predict the issue causing microphone disruption.

If you cannot resolve the issue on your own. It’s recommended to refer to the device manufacturer’s support. 


It’s advisable to note that different iPhone models may possess different problems for the same cause. To summarize the above point, remember to start with basic configuration such as cleaning the microphone’s pot, disabling noise cancellation, and resetting the audio. If none of the solutions fixes your problem, you might have faulty hardware.

Visit an authorised service center and get your device checked with a professional technician. After making a hefty investment, you might not want to hinder your overall iPhone experience with one issue.


Q1. Why can nobody hear me on my iPhone?

Ans: If nobody can hear you on your iPhone check the network connectivity, remove the sim, and put it back. Most of the time it’s just the connectivity hindrance. If the problem still exists, ensure that the microphone permission is enabled. Restart your phone if the problem persists. 

Q2. Why is my phone mic not working?

Ans: If your phone mic is not working, ensure that there are no physical obstructions such as water damage, or accidental drop. Check if there is any hardware damage due to accidental drops. If you cannot figure out the cause, seek professional help at the Apple service store.  

Q3. How do I know if my iPhone microphone is broken?

Ans: If you are worried that you might have broken your iPhone microphone, here is a way to confirm. Check if the audio in other apps is working, try to record your voice and confirm if you can listen, or try using external audio recording devices to verify if the problem lies with the microphone itself. 

Q4. Can you replace the iPhone microphone?

Ans: Yes, if you are facing issues with your microphone, it’s time to replace it. Take your iPhone to your nearest Apple service center, and tell them the issues you are facing regarding your microphone. The professionals will assist you to rectify the issue and provide accurate solutions.

Q5. How much does it cost to replace an iPhone microphone?

Ans: The cost to replace the microphone depends on various factors such as the model, the warranty status, and the place where it is replaced. The approximate amount can range somewhere between $50-$150 depending on the above-said factors. 

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